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About Us

Kendu Leaf Organisation of Forest Department, Odisha is mandated, after nationalisation of kendu leaves trade,  to provide livelihoods to a million of rural people whose economy is weaved around procurement and sale of leaves plucked from a tree species "Diospyrous melanoxylon" systematically maintained at bushy stage for ease of plucking of leaves. 
The organisation strives to fulfil the mandate in providing employment to the people in the lean season of the year through various operational activities namely bush cutting, repair and maintenance of Phadi houses, procurement of leaves, drying and storage of leaves, processing and grading of leaves. 

About 800, 000 pluckers (primary collectors of leaves), 20, 000 binders (those who process, grade and prepare bundles) and 18, 000 seasonal workers are employed in the operation every year. In addition to providing support for their livelihoods, social welfare measures are also taken to help uplifting them to a better economic status.