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Welfare Activities

Effective from 2013 crop year no revenue is accruing to the state exchequer. Trade surplus of every crop year is now utilized to disburse dividends to the pluckers, incentive allowances to binders and seasonal staffs, and other welfare activities benefiting the pluckers, binders and seasonal staffs.  


1. Dividends:  Dividends at such rates as decided by Kendu Leaf Development Board are disbursed to the pluckers. Dividends at the rate of 25% against 2013 crop year procurement, 25% against 2014 crop year and 50% against 2015 crop year have been disbursed to the pluckers. The KLDB has announced disbursement of 100% dividends to the pluckers against 2016 crop year procurement. 


2. Incentive Allowance:  Payment of Incentive allowances to the binders and seasonal staffs was first time introduced for the 2015 crop year. Incentive allowance at the rate of 10% of their total wages earned during 2015 crop year has been disbursed to the binders and seasonal staffs. The KLDB has announced payment of incentive allowances at the rate of 20% of their total wages earned during 2016 crop year to the binders and seasonal staffs.


3. Aam Admi Bima Yojana of LIC of India to all Kenduleaf pluckers and binders

All the pluckers and binders are covered under Aaam Admi Bima Yojana. The annual premium on this account is paid by the Kendu Leaf organization.  

Benefits to enrolled persons:
* In case of death of member: Rs 30,000/- to the nominee.
* In case of accidental death or full disability: Rs 75,000/-
* In case of partial disability: Rs 37,500/-
* Scholarship to two children of member @ Rs.1200/- per child per annum studying in  class IX to XII.


4. Kendu leaf Pluckers and Binders Welfare Trust

A welfare trust fund has been set up for the pluckers and binders. Pluckers tendering 1000 kerries of kendu leaves in process are (500 kerries in Phal area) and binders processing -- bundles are eligible for the membership of the trust. Membership fee is Rs.10/- per annum.

Benefits to enrolled person:
a) Organization of Health camps for pluckers and binding labourers
b) Sinking of tube wells in remote areas of Kendu Leaf working
c) Construction of toilets

a. Compassionate Grant:

    * In case of death of the member Rs.50000/- to the nominee (Rs.1 lakh with effect from 1st December 2016)

     * Permanent Disability: Rs.25000/-

b. Educational Scholarship for Higher Education: 

     Educational scholarship will be available to the children of members of the trust at the   following rates.


Course of Study

Scholarship (Rs.)




+2 Arts/ Science/ Commerce/ ITI




+3 Arts/Science/Commerce/CT/Diploma in Engineering








B. Tech./ MBBS




Nursing Course





c. Medical Assistance: 

     Up to Rs.2 lakhs for treatment of major diseases like heart operation, cancer etc.

d. Marriage Assistance: 

    Rs.25000 per daughter maximum two daughters 

e. Mosquito net/ Blanket:

    Every binder is supplied with one blanket and one mosquito net once in every three years.
f. Chappal Allowance:

     Every plucker is provided with Chappal allowance of Rs.120 one in every two years.

g. Water Bottle: 

     Every plucker is supplied with one water bottle once in every three years.

h. Head Cap: 

     Every plucker is supplied with one head cap once in every three years.

i.  Kerry Procurement Cloth: 

     Every plucker is provided with one Kerry Procurement Cloth once in every two years.


1. Gratuity: 

Every seasonal staff on attaining the age of superannuation is given gratuity as per Gratuity Act.

2. Incentive allowance: 

Incentive allowance is given to seasonal staffs at the rate decided by KLDB. The rate has been announced at 20% of their wages earned during 2016 crop year.

3. Group Insurance Scheme: 

All the seasonal staffs are covered under Biju Patnaik Group Insurance Scheme. The annual premium is shared between the KL organization and staff members at the rate of Rs.105/- and Rs.20/- per member respectively. The following benefits are available under the scheme.

a. In case of death, Rs.30000 to the nominee.

4. Welfare Trust Board:  

* Gratuity payment to the Seasonal Staff.